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1 student sent to hospital for treatment and 4 other arrested following a student fight at Conway High School



Conway, Arkansas – Student fight at Conway High School results with one student hospitalized and four other arrested, police say.

According to police reports, the four students were released from custody following the Wednesday morning fight. The incident occurred just before the start of the school hours in the yard of the school.

Multiple teachers, the school administrator and the school officers responded to the fight immediately, but were unable to fully stop the fight since it happened in a very crowded area.

Conway parent Meghan Judd found out about the fight in the afternoon after the school had posted about it. Her son and nephew attend the high school.

“First of all when did it happen and why did it take so long to find out about it?” Judd asked “It’s just a scary situation overall and of course I worry about my kids.”

According to Judd, the school should had notified the parents earlier and maybe consider to add additional staff during the morning hours to prevent fight happening in the future again.

Multiple other family relatives to other students expressed their concerns over the students’ safety asking the school district to do whatever they can to increase the safety in the schools.

Just like any other day, the school started and ended as per schedule on Wednesday despite the early morning incident. The district said they take these issues very seriously and students involved will face consequences according to district policy.

The student’s condition is not known at this time.