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Leotis Harris, a former Razorback, believes that his own health issues may encourage others to get assistance



Little Rock, Arkansas – After running plays on the football field, this man is now following a different path in life one he may not have anticipated but that he hopes would inspire others.

Even after being picked by the Green Bay Packers in 1977 and becoming the first black all-American football player at the University of Arkansas, Leotis Harris claimed that his faith had supported him through both good and bad times.

But little did Harris know in 2001 that when his health turned worse after feeling a pain in his side, he would have to rely more on his faith.

“They said that I had a spot on my kidney. The other doctor looked at it and he said it was cancer,” said Harris.

Later that year, he had his kidney removed, but in 2006, he returned to the hospital after experiencing dyspnea.

“They found out that my arteries were 90% blocked,” Harris said.

Harris claimed that after undergoing open heart surgery to correct the problem, the condition of his remaining kidney worsened and eventually started to deteriorate, necessitating a kidney transplant in 2021.

“I felt so much better,” Harris said.

However, a condition affecting the bones and joints of Harris’ right foot was discovered a year later.

“Which is called Charcot foot, they told me that I need to go ahead and have it amputated,” said Harris.

Harris said he wouldn’t allow it to hold him back, calling it a life change.

“I said I will work to be able to walk again,” Harris said.

Harris had his leg amputated below the knee; following therapy, he regained his ability to walk. Harris claims that he felt led to want to assist others by this new direction in life.

“You have to get an annual check-up. You have to see what is going on. If you catch it in time it can save your life,” Harris said.

Harris stated that he hopes the message will save someone else and that he reminds himself of that every day.

“I’m telling people about my life and my journey so other people will know and maybe it can help them along the way,” Harris said.

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