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A group in Arkansas is still working to repeal the LEARNS Act



Little Rock, Arkansas – In their race against time, a group of Arkansans is attempting to overturn the LEARNS Act.

In an effort to put the destiny of LEARNS in the hands of voters, Citizens for Arkansas Public Education and Students (CAPES) resubmitted its referendum to Attorney General Tim Griffin on Thursday.

Griffin had rejected the idea because to issues with the title, but he will now need to decide again on the revised proposal.

The referendum might appear on the November 2024 ballot if it is approved and receives enough signatures (about 55,00).

The group’s initiator initially stated that the group’s worries centered on vouchers, the repeal of the Teacher Fair Dismissal Act, the effects on rural schools, and how they would pay for teacher salaries.

We asked Gov. Sarah Sanders’s spokesman for comment on these initiatives. She spoke.

“The Governor spoke about LEARNS for two years while campaigning and promised to deliver bold, transformational reforms to our education system and that’s exactly what the people of Arkansas elected her to do. She is happy that LEARNS is now law and that every kid, no matter their zip code, will have access to a quality education and a lifetime of opportunity.”