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A proposed law in Arkansas would change terms of special elections



Little Rock, Arkansas – In the state of Arkansas, special elections would be altered under a bill that was submitted to the legislature on Monday.

A reduction in the months when special elections may be held was suggested by House Bill 1510. Additionally, it clarifies what constitutes an emergency in terms of special elections.

According to the proposed bill, extraordinary elections could only be held in presidential election years in March or November, or in nonpresidential election years in May or November.

A special election can currently take place in years with presidential elections in March, May, August, or November, or in years without presidential elections in February, May, August, or November.

The measure permits emergency special elections at any moment. A court decision that affects whether a governing body can continue to function, a natural disaster, or an impending threat to public health and safety are all examples of emergencies.

Under any of those scenarios, a governing body has the power to call for an emergency election if two-thirds of its members agree. A special election may still be contested, like before.

Rep. David Ray (R-Maumelle) and Sen. John Payton (R-Wilburn) are the bill’s sponsors, and it has the support of 41 House members and 11 senators.