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According to a study, Little Rock is not a very safe state capital



Little Rock, Arkansas – According to a recent assessment, Little Rock has one of the lowest safety scores among the 50 state capitals.

According to research published on Wednesday by WalletHub, Little Rock is the least safe of the 50 state capitals. The city received a score of 50 out of 50 for quality of life, which was particularly poor according to the metrics used to determine it.

Other statistics weren’t quite as bad. According to the report, the city scored 24 for affordability, 31 for economic prosperity, and 36 for the standard of its health and education systems.

Little Rock received scores of 46 out of 50 for its premature death rate and an identical 46 for its health conditions, among other factors, which contributed to those results. Little Rock ranked 49th for its per capita crime rate and 46th for the percentage of millennial newcomers.

With a single-digit score across all parameters, Austin, the state capital of Texas, came in top place in the study. With a final ranking of 50 and a score of 50 out of 50 for its economic health, Augusta, Maine, came in last.