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After a tornado in 2021, a city in Arkansas is going ahead



Little Rock, Arkansas – Leachville’s downtown continues to improve thanks to a beautification initiative.

The downtown area was partially devastated by a tornado in 2021, and one resident said they couldn’t envision more buildings being demolished.

“There’s no reason these should be torn down,” said Jerred Price, president of the Leachville Beautification Corporation.

As a result of Price’s gathering of local residents, the Leachville Beautification Corporation was established, with the restoration of Main Street Leachville as one of its objectives.

According to Price, the first step in the operation was to ensure that owners wouldn’t demolish the structures.

“Everybody, either the new owners or the existing owners that have them now all dedicated themselves to saving the historic building,” he said.

In addition to conserving the structures, the project’s other objective was to make them attractive.

The Leachville Beautification Corporation upgraded the street’s landscaping and added new lamps. People in the city are noticing it because of something.

“The people that stop by and say how much they appreciate all of us, you know, and along that row of buildings, saving it, renovating it, it’s just, it’s been so much a blessing,” Price said.

Also, those trees and lighting were installed at no expense to the taxpayers. For other people in the city, the lamps will symbolize something more.

“Each lamppost is dedicated to a loved one and it will say, in honor of, you know, Jane Doe by Jane Doe’s family,” Price said.

In order to further improve the appearance of Downtown Leachville, Price said adding that plague to the lights is the next step.

“The main street plaza that citizens hopefully, if approved will be able to really utilize and enjoy,” he said.

Robertson Bros. Furniture manager Forrest Robertson expressed his delight at the development in the city.

“I love Leachville and I’m glad to see it, see people trying to bring it back. It makes a big difference. It makes the downtown look better, makes people want to come here and see the downtown area,” he said.