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After NWA tornadoes, SWEPCO updates repair locations



Northwest Arkansas – In the aftermath of the catastrophe that occurred in Northwest Arkansas, employees of Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) have already arrived in Arkansas to continue providing disaster aid.

There are currently approximately 500 distinct repair locations that SWEPCO has identified, which have the potential to supply power to a large number of Arkansans who may be without it.
A total of roughly 8,000 clients have already had their electricity restored by SWEPCO.

Furthermore, SWEPCO anticipates that by the time Friday evening rolls around, 95% of all customers who are able to get electricity should have it restored. This is provided that the weather permits.

Before the overall estimate is completed, the majority of customers who are currently without power will have been restored. It is possible that the restoration process will take longer in isolated circumstances where major repairs are required.

In addition to its sister utility, Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO), SWEPCO has enlisted the assistance of a workforce consisting of support personnel from its three-state service zone at this time.

More than 600 professional tree crews from the states of Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Texas are currently on their way to assist residents of Arkansas. These tree crews are currently on their way to assist Arkansas residents.


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