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An overview of the proposals that Arkansas may pass into law next week



Little Rock, Arkansas – Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is now anticipated to sign a number of major measures that we have been monitoring soon.

Here’s what they are:

HB1458 – This week, the “Vincent Parks bill” was approved by the House and Senate. The Jonesboro officer’s death while undergoing training for law enforcement is what prompted the statute. According to the law, teachers must finish a course on medical issues.

HB1410 – A bill that modifies the child labor law to permit minors under the age of 16 to work with the government’s approval is on its way to the governor.

HB1244 – One step closer to becoming law is a bill allowing Arkansans to obtain digital driver’s licenses. After passing the Senate with a change, the legislation was sent back to the House for final approval before being forwarded to the governor’s office.

Two bills going back to committee for more revisions:

SB270 – A measure that makes using a public restroom or changing area when a child is present a crime for transgender people or anyone of the opposite sex. It only applies at the moment if the child is the opposite birth sex. Before returning to the Senate floor, it is undergoing a few minor modifications.

HB1156 – Rep. Mary Bentley’s bill, which would require public and charter schools to set guidelines for overnight trips and restroom usage depending on a student’s sex, is the second bill that will be sent back for amendments. Although it was approved by the House, this week’s committee meetings in the Senate saw some back and forth.