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Animal enthusiasts in Little Rock seek explanations after finding a puppy they claim starved to death



Little Rock, Arkansas – Animal lovers in Little Rock are seeking answers from the city after learning that animal control had been contacted days before they found a dead dog in the city.

Charity Tarr and Lindsay Idom claim that Facebook was the catalyst for the problem. They came upon the NextDoor app post made by a man who had witnessed a malnourished dog locked up in someone’s Little Rock backyard. The dog was merely skin and bones.

Idom claimed that on October 12, the man called animal control to report a malnourished dog chained up in a backyard but was unable to reach the owner.

“I kind of had a sick feeling watching the initial video of the dog,” Tarr said.

Idom found the dog dead in the same location four days later. She claimed that when animal control arrived, the dog had already passed away.

Idom and Tarr insist that a call was made on October 12 despite Little Rock Animal Village’s claim that they do not have any records of a call coming in on that day.

Tarr and Idom are certain the dog starved, but the spokesman would not specify a cause of death and claimed it would rely on the necropsy.

“This was such a traumatic death…knowing this dog was left cold probably in the rain,” Tarr said.

Idom and Tarr both rescue pets for neighborhood charities. Both of them agreed that this was one of the worst scenarios they had ever witnessed.

“I did not guess in my wildest dreams that I would be walking up on a dog that passed away from starvation,” Idom said. “The idea that they had requested help and that it came too late was heartbreaking.”

After discovering the dog had passed away in a man’s backyard, Tarr claimed she called the police and filed a report. The man said he was unaware the dog was there, and according to the report, he was not detained.

A city representative stated that the Animal Services Division is looking into the situation while awaiting the findings of the necropsy.

The people who rescued this puppy are requesting that everyone report any animal neglect they observe to local law enforcement, animal control, and non-profit organizations that provide local animal rescue services. They are eager to save any neglected or unwanted pets in the neighborhood, according to Tarr and Idom, who mostly work with Southern Hearts Animal Rescue.