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Apartment residents in Little Rock are without water due to burst water lines



Little Rock, Arkansas – Some apartment buildings have turned off the water as the temperature rises to prevent damaged pipes, leaving residents without water.

In order to respond to complaints concerning burst water lines, the Little Rock Fire Department requested additional assistance.

“We will have been without water for at least 24 hours,” Hometown Apartment resident, Leon Settle said.

Little Rock Fire Department calls increased significantly as the arctic freeze wreaked havoc on water systems.

“It’s been a very busy couple of days here around the fire department. We have had very cold temperatures which have its impact on people’s home pipes,” Captain of the Little Rock Fire Department, Jacob Lear-Sadowsky said.

According to their records, “we’ve run 320 calls across the city from Christmas Eve to Sunday afternoon. With regard to water-related difficulties, I limited that search to roughly 80 people, according to Lear-Sadowsky.

Captain Lear-Sadowsky stated that last year, they only had about 160 calls, therefore they increased the number of guys working the Christmas shift by nine.

“Today we are staffing four of our squads with additional personnel to start handling some of the load for these busted water pipe type calls and service calls,” Lear-Sadowsky said.

A Hometown Apartments renter in Conway, however, claimed that the water was cut off to prevent pipes from bursting.

“It’s inhumane, it’s just not right,” Settle said.

Settle said without providing any prior notice to the locals.

“No notification, no one has called me, no one has left a note on my door,” Settle explained.

When he tried to get answers as to when it would come back, on both lines of the apartment, it said, “the mailbox is full and cannot accept any messages at this time”.

Settle expressed his expectation that the water would be turned back on and that there would be no further problems with the water as a result of broken water lines, and the fire department also expressed similar hopes.