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Apptegy, a software firm based in Little Rock, Arkansas, has announced their intention to add 300 new employees over the next three years



Little Rock, Arkansas – Apptegy, a software firm based in Little Rock, Arkansas, is to hire an additional three hundred people over the next few years, company officials stated on Friday during a news conference held at the company’s offices in the Riverdale section of the city.

Apptegy is a company that develops mobile applications as well as websites for school districts. The company currently employs close to 400 full-time employees; however, with the planned hiring, the total number of people at the company could reach as high as 700.

It is anticipated that roles pertaining to client experience, software engineering, and sales would be included among the new posts.

As Apptegy continues to create new products, the company’s founder and chief executive officer, Jeston George, who is 44 years old, have speculated that the number of employees at Apptegy could rise to more than 1,000 within the next few years.

He told attendees that “the momentum right now for us is awesome and we’re not slowing down.”

According to George, the business is making preparations to manufacture its third and fourth goods. He predicted that “the scale and the rate at which we’re growing is about to accelerate, and we’re so happy and proud that we get to share this with the Little Rock community.”

“This is an incredible Arkansas story of growth, of entrepreneurship, of investing, of taking a risk and getting a reward for it,” Gov. Asa Hutchinson said of Apptegy’s growth as a startup business.

Hutchinson, who will be leaving office on Tuesday when Governor-elect Sarah Huckabee Sanders is sworn in, indicated that the event on Friday would be the last jobs announcement for both himself and Secretary of Commerce Mike Preston. Hutchinson will leave the office on Tuesday. Sanders has indicated that she intends to submit Hugh McDonald’s name for consideration for the Cabinet position.

On Friday, Governor Hutchinson stated that when he took office in 2015, he “wanted to be the jobs governor,” but in order to be the jobs governor, “you’ve got to invest in education.”

He made reference to the efforts being made by his government to increase the availability of computer science education throughout the state.

Apptegy was established in 2013 and “launched” in 2015. According to a news release, the company’s first headquarters were located in Little Rock Technology Park, where it was the park’s first tenant.

The company asserts that it collaborates with over 3,000 educational institutions across the United States, in addition to two institutions located in other countries.

According to the news release, Apptegy “plans to increase its footprint in 2023,” which means that the company’s headquarters in Riverdale already occupy more than 60,000 square feet.

In a written statement included with the news release, Scott said, “Entrepreneurs like Jeston George and success stories like Apptegy are making Little Rock a catalyst for the new South and a premier city for jobs growth. I congratulate Jeston George and the team at Apptegy on their great success in Little Rock.”