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Arkansans against Texas-like abortion laws, thousands of people from Los Angeles to New York protesting anti-abortion laws



Little Rock, Arkansas – From Los Angeles to New York, thousands of people gathered protesting anti-abortion Texas-like laws.

The picture in front of Arkansas Capitol was similar, where hundreds gathered to express their anger against anti-abortion laws, similar to the Texas one.

The demonstrator at the state capitol said that majority of Arkansas are asking the state lawmakers to avoid passing similar law to the state of Arkansas.

The loudest at the protest were understandably the most affected, the women, who asked the Arkansas lawmakers to hear their voices.

“Today is really important, because we are trying to send a unified message to the supreme court and lawmakers that we will not tolerate that attack on abortion rights, here in Arkansas, or elsewhere,” Karen Ricketts, one of the people at the demonstration, said.

As soon as the controversial Texas anti-abortion law was enforced in Texas, Republican state Sen. Jason Rapert said he wanted Texas’s abortion bill to become law in Arkansas which immediately made Arkansas to slam him on social media.