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Arkansas 12-year-old advances to second round of USA Mullet Champ



Wesley, Arkansas – According to a Madison county boy, he has the hair to compete and enters the U.S.A. mullet championship.

A 12-year-old Rowan Bell is now in the second of three voting rounds and is hoping to win. “It’s really cool that they have this like it’s just a cool contest that’s kind of out of the norm. It’s been fun to participate in,” he said.

When he was six, he got his hair cut for the first time and donated it to the organization “Wigs for Kids”.

He has been growing his hair out for more than three years now only getting the top cut for his mullet.

This is his first year competing in the competition. “The only other thing I’ve really ever won was like some lego contest but other than that this is the biggest thing I’ve ever competed and won in, so that would be a really cool, fun experience,” he said.

If he wins the grand prize of $2,500,, he will donate $100 of that to the Seven Hills Homeless Center in Fayetteville and use the rest for engineering projects.

You can vote for Bell on Facebook by giving a thumbs up or heart on this Facebook post.

Last year’s winner was also an Arkansas native from Jonesboro.