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Arkansas added 1,307 new positive Covid-19 cases, 7 people reported dead, Wednesday daily report



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – The Delta variant keeps spreading the virus across the state and the we are still seeing high daily Covid-19 cases in Arkansas.

According to the latest Covid-19 report issued by the Arkansas Department of Health on Wednesday, Arkansas added 1,307 new positive cases and seven people were reported dead.

Currently, there area 8,804 active cases which is 670 more compared to the day before.

647 people are hospitalized of which 103 are on ventilators. Compared to Tuesday’s report, 41 more people are hospitalized and 5 more people are on ventilators.

Since the start of the pandemic, Arkansas added a total of 360,258 positive cases. The total number of reported deaths is now 5,977.

Health officials as well as Gov. Asa Hutchinson continue with the vaccination efforts as the vaccination rate in Arkansas is much lower compared to the country’s average.