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Arkansas gas prices climb



Little Rock, Arkansas – Drivers should prepare for an increase in gas costs as oil production is reduced.

The statewide average price a gallon of normal unleaded gasoline in Arkansas as of Thursday is $3.31, which is 10 cents more than a week ago.

Gas costs are rising nationwide, not just in Arkansas. Since the middle of September, the national price per gallon has been rising. The national average price per gallon of gasoline this week is $3.87, up nine cents from the previous week.

Experts blame the rise in crude oil prices for the increase in gas prices. The spike in crude oil prices, according to AAA spokesperson Nick Chabarria, is the result of limited supplies brought on by problems with Midwest and West Coast refineries, hurricanes, and increased demand across the country.

Prices are also rising as a result of a declaration by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. OPEC+ announced a two million barrel reduction in crude oil production on Wednesday.

Analysts are unsure of how long gas prices will rise.

“It’s too early to determine how strong of an impact the production cuts will have on pump prices,” AAA spokesperson Chabarria said.

Drivers in California presently pay the highest average of $6.42, while Mississippi has the lowest state average, $3.15.

The price of gasoline is rising in the cities of central Arkansas.

Thursday’s average total price in the Little Rock-North Little Rock metro area is $3.22, up nine cents from the previous week, while Pine Bluff drivers are paying 13 cents more per gallon at $3.20. Drivers in Hot Springs are now paying $3.18 a gallon, up 16 cents from the previous week.