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Arkansas gas prices reach record breaking high



Little Rock, Arkansas — Gas prices in Arkansas are up to two cents over 2008’s previous record high and now are officially at an all-time high.

The average gas price statewide is three dollars ninety-nine cents per gallon which is a dollar and twenty-six cents more than last year’s price to the day, according to AAA.

Arkansans are starting to get concerned, as these prices rise. “I was okay with them going up for a little while. Like when it first got to 4 dollars we were like Yo man, that’s way too much. But now it’s still this way and we gotta… do something,” Randy Blount, Arkansas driver, said.

“It’s supply and demand disparity and a lot of volatility in the crude oil market. You know most recently brought on by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Now with some COVID concerns that are happening in China as well as high demand for gasoline. diesel l and jet fuel,” Nick Chabarria said.

This crude oil that is in such high demand is petroleum that is extracted from the earth and then used to produce fuel or chemical products, this includes what goes into our cars. Triple offered a list of ways that you can save on fuel. “One would be to make sure to keep up with regular vehicle maintenance. That’s things like oil changes, making sure your fluids are changed out on time umm along those lines making sure your tires are properly inflated. You know over or underinflated tires are not only a safety hazard when you are driving but they are also going to diminish your miles per gallon on the road. Especially over the course of a long trip,” Chabarria said.

According to AAA, decreasing the weight of your car by removing heavy items that you don’t regularly use can also reduce fuel consumption. You can also save fuel by practicing good defensive driving habits, cutting down on excessive and unnecessary acceleration.

These prices will continue to fluctuate, possibly setting more record highs during the summer months, AAA said.