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Arkansas gas prices remain the same



Jonesboro, Arkansas – In Arkansas, the cost of a gallon of standard unleaded fuel has essentially not changed.’s survey of 1,826 stations revealed that average prices per gallon decreased by 0.5 cents in the previous week to $3.21.

To $3.64 per gallon, the national average decreased by 0.8 cents. In the previous week, the average nationwide price of diesel decreased by 3 cents to $4.12.

“For the first time in several weeks, the national average price of gasoline has seen a decline, and while the fall was quite small, the bigger news may be that we may have seen a short-term peak for the price of gasoline,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at

In his opinion, the national average may have passed its “high water mark” for the summer, barring any unanticipated disruptions.

“While it’s possible we could go higher later this summer should a major hurricane target sensitive infrastructure, it appears the odds that the national average will miss the $4 per gallon mark are rising,” he said. “It’s certainly looking optimistic for motorists.”