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Arkansas Governor continues to urge Arkansas to get vaccinated as the numbers rise, latest conversation in Dumas



Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson continues his daily conversations with the public urging the unvaccinated to get the shot while the number of new positive cases, hospitalizations and deaths rise across the country in the last two weeks.

On Tuesday, Gov. Hutchinson was in Dumas speaking to the local community about the benefits of the vaccine and how important the vaccination process is in fighting the virus. He also answered questions related to the vaccination process, Covid-19 concerns and upcoming steps.

The public and several Democrat representatives are pushing for mask mandate again in Arkansas as the new school year approaches. According to them, they ask the state officials to allow local school districts to put in force mask mandate requirements.

AS we already reported, Arkansas schools are preparing for the new school year and in-person learning. The recent surge in numbers, however, makes it very complicated for everyone in the state especially school districts to effectively manage the situation.

In the latest Covid-19 report issued on Monday by the Arkansas Department of Health, the state added more than 600 new cases, 61 hospitalizations and 23 new deaths. The recorded number of deaths was the highest since March.