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Arkansas introduces a bill to clarify the residential burglary laws



Little Rock, Arkansas – On Thursday, a bill that would change the legislation regarding violent felonies and parole was formally filed.

Sen. Joshua Bryant’s bill was submitted this week.

The DOC acknowledged that it misinterpreted a law passed in April 2015 designating residential burglary as a severe felony.

Residential burglaries conducted prior to a change in the legislation were not treated as violent offenses by the DOC when determining penalties for a period of seven years.

Nevertheless, the department shifted its stance last year, claiming it was false and that parole may indeed be denied due to a charge from before April 2015.

According to Senator Bryant, if this bill is passed, it will make it clear that residential burglary is only a violent crime on or after the legislation is changed, and it will also restore parole eligibility for the affected offenders.

On Monday, the bill will be heard by the senate justice committee.

Visit the Arkansas State Legislature website to view the entire bill.