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Arkansas is one of the least-safe states in America, only Mississippi and Louisiana are behind the Natural State on the list, report



Arkansas – In the last couple of years, the number of crimes in the state of Arkansas has been constantly on the rise, something that is especially concerning taking into consideration the fact that a growing number of young people, especially teenagers, are more frequently involved in violent crime incidents across the state.

Earlier this year, Little Rock residents decided to speak out and raise their voice against violent crime in the city of Little Rock. The number of violent crime incidents compared to last year is nearly the same, but Little Rock locals are deeply concerned about their safety because the number of homicides in the city’s metro area is seeing a huge increase.

The local police departments are working round the clock to solve most of these violent crime and homicide cases, but officials agree that the departments are in constant need of more employees to battle this trend.

Gun violence was one of the most important criteria for WalletHub, a personal-finance website, which released the annual report on the year’s safest states. Another important criteria taken into consideration for creating the annual report was “deaths from Covid-19”, something that yet again places Arkansas far back on the list compared to the majority of the states nationwide.

According to WalletHub, Arkansas ranks 48th on the list of 50 states, leaving only the states of Mississippi and Louisiana behind. Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire got a score of 68.79, 66.95, and 63.99, respectively, which was enough to get the top three spots on the list. Arkansas was ranked in the third spot from behind with a score of 33.72, and Mississippi (score 32.52) and Louisiana (score 31.64) were placed at the very bottom.

WalletHub said that a total of 53 key metrics were taken into consideration in the report. Some of these metrics are Covid-19 deaths and vaccination rate, violent crime rate, financial safety, road safety, emergency preparedness and others.

According to WalletHub, the Natural State ranked #47 in three different metrics including personal & residential safety, road safety, and workplace safety. It also ranks among the worst in fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles of travel.

The annual report can be found on this link.