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Arkansas No Kid Hungry campaign receives grant in time for the holidays



Little Rock, Arkansas – Just in time for the holidays, the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance was awarded a grant for its No Kid Hungry initiative.

The No Kid Hungry initiative in Arkansas aims to prevent any child in the state from being hungry, especially on vacations.

After collaborating with Share Our Strength in 2010, the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance saw a 19 percent decrease in child food insecurity throughout the state.

The Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance is constantly exploring new methods to connect with families in need because Arkansas is the fourth-worst state in the country for child hunger.

“Arkansas like many Southern Delta states struggle with poverty and therefore, their families struggle with food insecurity. So, building awareness of the issue and also awareness of the program, then that’s available to those families who are struggling with hunger,” Patty Barker, Arkansas No Kid Hungry Director, said.

Children in Arkansas experience food insecurity and poverty at a rate of over 42%. The No Kid Hungry initiative seeks to make sure that all kids get the right nourishment both at school and at home.

According to Arkansas No Child Hungry, the consequences of inflation have led to an increase in the number of children in need.

Many people will still be battling to put food on the table this year while our thoughts turn to holiday shopping.

“You know we think as a family. What are you planning for your holiday you’re planning to get together your family and probably giving gifts and having great meals and picking your favorite dishes, and for some families that’s, that’s a struggle that put the meals on the table, that, that they need to, to really nourish the kids throughout the holidays,” Baker said.

Contact your neighborhood school, library, or daycare center if you or a loved one requires access to these advantages for a kid.

Summit Utilities Arkansas did award the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance and the Arkansas Watershed a 15,000 dollar grant to support their ongoing outreach initiatives around the state.