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Arkansas reports the biggest daily increase in Covid-19 cases since February



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – Arkansas has reported the biggest increase in daily Covid-19 cases since February in the latest daily Covid-19 report issued by Arkansas Department of Health.

According to the report on July 7, Arkansas added 1,000 new positive cases in latest report. This increase is the highest daily increase in cases since February.

Health officials said that 29% of all conducted tests were positive.

The number of active cases now reached 5,192.

432 people are hospitalized, which is 16 more since the day before. Eighty people are on ventilators.

Since the start of the pandemic, the total number of positive cases now reached 353,095, while the total number od deaths is 5,933. In yesterday’s report, 7 people were reported dead.

Health officials urge residents to get vaccinated and it’s the best possible way to stop the spread of the virus.