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Arkansas restaurants once again fear for their existence with Omicron increasing the number of new Covid-19 cases



Little Rock, Arkansas – The hospitality industry was among the industries that were the most affected by the pandemic, and with Omicron in place, once again travel, tourism and restaurants are fearing for existence in these difficult times.

While restaurants are trying to remain operational despite the high number of cases, some of them are struggling with staffing shortage because the Omicron infects almost everyone, including those fully vaccinated and people with natural immunity.

According to Don Dugan who owns four restaurants, his major issue as an owner right now is the staffing shortage because of employees contracting the highly contagious omicron variant and people choosing to stay at home.

Dugan owns Dugan’s Pub, Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro, Stratton’s Market, and South on Main.

Dugan is forced to make day to day changes in an effort to keep both employees and guests safe, but also to continue to deliver great service as usual.

“At this point, it’s going to be a real balancing act to see how this goes from here. We’re not sure,” Dugan said.

“Like I said, we’re gonna do the absolute best we can with what we’ve got and this is the job that I do for a living and I really enjoy the job that I have and I want to make sure that we can continue doing that.”

Dugan is thankful to his loyal customers who helps him a lot to stay operational as he is trying hard to move on and continue serve guests while his businesses face several issues including staffing shortage and supply crisis.