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Arkansas restaurants still experience workers shortage right at the beginning of the new football season, report



Arkansas – The workers shortage issues that most of the local businesses faced in the early summer period are still a thing for Arkansas restaurants right at the start of the football season.

Local businesses owners expect that in the upcoming period this issue they might overcome with the official end of the weekly federal unemployment benefits.

A decent number of Arkansas restaurants and bars are looking forward to be the place to go for the football fans, but they still struggle with staff shortage.

“The first thing I did when I woke up was, I played it hogwild by Hank Williams Junior,” Razorback fan Grant Pool said.

Pool and his friend Sean Johnston came to Hill Station to watch the game and enjoy food and drinks.

Despite the fact that Razorback football are not very successful in the last couple of seasons, Pool and his friend are hoping that this season might finally be better. As many other football fans, they use every single game to spend good time together in the local sports bars or restaurants.

“I’m very excited I have been consuming a lot of razorback media in the past couple of weeks,” Pool said.

“I feel great too I’m ready for us to stomp some teams,” Johnston said.

Hill Station restaurant is among many others that prepares for the busy weekends like the pre-pandemic period. However, the owner doesn’t know what to expect since the situation with the Covid-19 is changing all the time.

The manager of the Hill Station restaurant also said that the summer has been pretty good period and many people started going to the bars again when the Covid-19 cases were low. But with the start of the Delta surge, the things got complicated again and they are seeing decrease in guests for more than a month now.

The Hill Station and many other restaurants are still seeing staff issues. The problem that occurred at the beginning of the summer when every bar and restaurant saw an increase in the business operations, seems to be still an issue for many of the local restaurants.

The start of the new college year also affected them with many of their student workers already went back to college. However, most of the restaurant owners are encouraged by the fact that the federal unemployment benefits finally ended and that will force the unemployed to look for job.