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Arkansas state parks offer Covid-19 vaccines, three more events to come



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – Seven Arkansas state parks hosted Covid-19 vaccine clinics on Saturday. According to reports, three more events are planned to take place on May 29th.

Cale Davenport, Assistant Superintendent for Pinnacle Mountain State Park, is one of the many that couldn’t believe such an idea can come into life.

“I never would have anticipated when this started that we might be a vaccination site,” Davenport said.

Since the first event of this type on Saturday, he now added: “Increase those numbers. We’re gonna have to do it in new and different and more innovative ways.”

This might be a great idea on a long run as park gives hesitant people strength to take the vaccine. Parks are convenient places and these methods might really work.

“Arkansas State Parks are a great idea. I don’t know who had it but our visitors, geographic, and demographic are so varied,” Davenport said. “With our high visitation, with the outdoor setting, it really does make sense.”

Many people don’t find regular hospitals and clinics comfortable. Being outdoor gives these people the comfort they need.

We will see if this method will be copied by other states too.