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Arkansas Tennis Association contract terminated by decision of the North Little Rock Parks and Recreation Committee



North Little Rock, Arkansas – The Arkansas Tennis Association will no longer be a part of the North Little Rock Parks and Recreation Committee’s operations.

Arkansas Tennis Association requested more time “to allow the committee to gather the appropriate intelligence before the Commission votes,” after learning that the vote would be taking place.

On September 19th, a vote was held, and the decision to terminate the contract was approved five to one. The contract will expire in August 2023.

Tennis players in Arkansas are worried that without the administration and maintenance provided by the Arkansas Tennis Association, their beloved courts won’t be the same.

Rebecca Barr, a tennis player in the area, expressed her hope that whoever manages it will maintain it the same.

Burns Park Tennis Center has hosted the Arkansas Tennis Association for almost 20 years. They were dissatisfied that they were not invited to participate in the talks and negotiations of the deal, according to Mike Terrell, the ATA Board of Directors’ incoming president.

Reconsideration is desired by the Arkansas Tennis Association.

There is currently no additional information available regarding who will take over in August if that is not the case.