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Arkansas transgender healthcare trial continues



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Arkansas law that forbids providing care for transgender children under the age of 18 is still being challenged in court through testimony.

Dr. Michelle Hutchison’s testimony opened day three of the trial.

Prior to this, Hutchison served as the clinic’s medical director for children.

Hutchison stated during her evidence that she treated three of the case’s plaintiffs for gender dysphoria.

She listed the instances when she would apply treatment in her explanation.

The majority started with a patient’s psychological and mental health evaluation. comparing everyday routines, emotional states, and length of time spent identifying with a particular gender.

Hutchison stated that before prescribing any kind of medical care, she would typically see them for at least 10 months.

“If any member of the team felt that it wasn’t right, that would delay treatment,” Hutchison stated.

Hutchison claims that during the past few months, the clinic has stopped providing medical care to new patients in preparation of the state’s bill limiting care becoming law.

Hutchison admitted that she worries about this scenario coming to pass.

“Forcing a kid to wait until they’re 18, I just worry these kids are going to hurt themselves,” Hutchison said.

The new director, Dr. Kathryn Stambough, who replaced Hutchison, expressed similar worries about the suicide rate.

“Not every patient could make it to 18,” Stambough stated.

Wednesday also saw the calling of two sets of parents who have transgender kids to testify.

Amanda Dennis took the stage first.

Brooke, Dennis’ transsexual daughter, is 10 years old.

According to Dennis, Brooke’s life was very bleak before coming out as transgender.

“A lot of moments in her young life when you’re supposed to be happy, she didn’t have that,” Dennis said.

Dennis claims that Brooke revealed her gender identity in the second grade. She soon began visiting a counselor for her gender dysphoria.

“She got her smile back. A lot of that sadness went away,” Dennis said.

A mom of a transgender child, Joanna Brandt, stated her son Dylan’s beginning of hormone therapy made all the difference.

“He had been holding his breath for years and he was finally able to exhale and relax,” Brandt said.

Both parents acknowledged that they are concerned about the ban in Arkansas possibly becoming law.

Brandt claims that she thinks the government is ejecting her.

“We’re not ready to leave,” Brandt proclaimed.

In this case, the plaintiff is anticipated to take Friday off, at which point the State will give its testimony.