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Arkansas woman brings handgun on high school campus, points the gun to student from another following argument



Arkansas – The law prohibiting weapons on student campus is not knew, but it looks that this Arkansas woman decided to break that law on Thursday when she pointed the gun to another student.

According to police reports, the 36-year-old Precious Lyons, mother of a Central High School student, was arrested on Thursday for bringing a weapon inside the student campus.

The incident occurred around 9 a.m. when a student from another school approached a Central student and an altercation began.

At one point of the altercation, the woman pulled her gun out and pointed to the student, school officials confirm.

The school security personnel reacted immediately and managed to secure the weapon. Shortly after the incident, the Little Rock police arrived and arrested the mother.

Lyons was charged with carrying a weapon on school property and served with multiple warrants. She is being held in the Pulaski County jail with no bond.