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Arkansas’s Peyton Hillis discharged from hospital



Little Rock, Arkansas – The much-anticipated update on the football legend’s rehabilitation was published on social media by Peyton Hillis’ sister.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Hillis’s sister Hayley Davis wrote “Peyton was discharged today from the hospital! Everything health-wise is looking good and has all improved— truly a miracle!”

Following a swimming accident in Pensacola, Florida, Hillis has been receiving critical care for a number of weeks.

In the essay, Davis discussed the situation in more detail, noting her parents’ fortitude and Hillis’ bravery.

“I remember seeing Peyt laid out on the sand unable to move and my mom having to run back and forth between us as the medics helped each of us,” Davis wrote. “I just kept praying that Peyt would be ok and I’m so happy to say Yahweh provided.”

Davis also expressed gratitude for everyone’s kind wishes and prayers while Hillis was in the hospital.

In her final paragraph, Davis expressed gratitude for the “happy moments between the craziness” of their family vacation.

Hillis, who was born and raised in Arkansas, spent many years competing at the highest level in football.

Hillis participated in athletics from 2004 to 2007 for the University of Arkansas after graduating from Conway High School in 2003. After that, he was selected by Denver in the 2008 NFL Draft, playing for the Broncos, Browns, Chiefs, Buccaneers, and Giants over the course of seven seasons.