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Bennett’s by Keith and Co. introduces casual, elegant cuisine to an Arkansas town



Sherwood, Arkansas – Bennett’s by Keith and Co. in Sherwood takes pride in being a casual eating establishment with an upmarket ambiance and a menu that is reasonably priced.

“This is a casual dining restaurant. When I opened this, I wanted to create an experience where people could get good food at a reasonable price and feel like they had went to a high-end restaurant,” said owner Darin Keith.

Even though the menu is extensive, a skilled chef meticulously prepared everything.

You’ll find steak and pork chops to tacos and nachos. Keith described the menu offerings as “American blended with everything else.”

Many people, according to Keith, urged him to open this upscale-casual concept in Little Rock, but he proudly picked a site on Kiehl Avenue in Sherwood and hasn’t looked back since.

Locals in Sherwood are smitten with Bennett’s. On most days, you’ll see a line of people standing in front of a food line.

Keith makes a number of other questionable decisions in addition to choosing his new restaurant’s location against the advice of his consultants. Keith has experience in a commercial building, in fact. It’s obvious that Keith’s skill set goes far beyond merely a skill saw despite going against the norm. He is without a doubt skilled in cooking!

“I just wanted to open a place for people to eat and have a good time, and here we are in Sherwood,” he said.

Guillermo Guzman, the head chef of Bennett’s, oversees the kitchen. Long stints at some of Central Arkansas’ finest restaurants appear on his CV.

He boasts that he started cooking with his mother when he was nine years old, and that his skills have only improved since then.