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Benton girl, 12, to be a guest on The Jennifer Hudson Show



Benton, Arkansas – A 12-year-old Benton girl has been gaining recognition for herself and Lisowe’s Lights, her nonprofit organization.

The nonprofit organization was started by Amelia Lisowe, and it gives nightlights to kids all over the world.

They’ve already had a successful year illuminating kids’ lives, particularly those in the foster care system.

Lisowe’s Lights will receive greater attention on Monday, April 3, as Amelia participates in a nationwide platform.

“Back then I wouldn’t have thought it would have gotten this far,” Lisowe said.

She just visited the Warner Brothers Studio Lot.

She kept an eye out for different superstars, such as Ryan Reynolds, but she knew she would definitely run across Jennifer Hudson for the day.

“I think that the Jennifer Hudson Show being aired all over the world, we’ll be able to bring in a lot of attention and even more donations,” Lisowe said.

She was given the royal Hollywood treatment, complete with hair and makeup artists, a chauffeur, and, of course, a dressing room with a mini-fridge.

“Miss Jennifer is just one of those people that when you start talking to her, it’s just like talking to a friend. So, even though there was a live audience, which I didn’t know because my mom forgot to tell me, then it was just like talking to my friend at recess or something like that,” Lisowe said. “She’s really personable and energetic, which reminds me of me a little bit.”

Lisowe stated she will continue to keep her objective in mind despite the glitz and glamour of appearing on television and having over 13,500 Lisowe’s Lights delivered to 50 states and nine other countries.

“We can educate children in our generation today on the foster care crisis so that hopefully, by the next generation, then we can help lower that foster care crisis and help start solving it,” Lisowe said.