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Blue Bell releases a new ice cream flavor in time for National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day



Little Rock, Arkansas – On Thursday, in recognition of February 4, which is National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, Blue Bell made the announcement that they will be launching a new flavor of ice cream.

The new flavor of ice cream is being marketed under the name “I ❤ Cereal” and it contains chunks of delicious cereal as well as sprinkles made of confetti.

“What better way to start your day than with an ice cream inspired by cereal,” said Carl Breed, Blue Bell general sales manager. “It is a great combination of two popular foods. Our new I ❤ Cereal is a mixture of vanilla ice cream to represent the milk, and fruity cereal pieces just like you would enjoy in your bowl for breakfast.”

According to Blue Bell, the new flavor will be in pint size only and if you do not see the flavor in your store ask your local grocer about it.

“Our lineup is packed with new creations and fan favorites,” Breed said. “We have even more delicious surprises to unveil this year. We are excited to bring these great products to a store near you.”