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BMW is world’s number 1 car brand with most sold premium vehicles globally and in United States



BMW in 2021 finished as the largest manufacturer of premium cars in the world.

BMW and Mercedes have been battling for the throne among premium manufacturers for decades.

This competition is especially important on American soil, and last year “BMW” was named the best-selling premium manufacturer in the United States.

The Bavarians finished 2021 with 336,644 vehicles delivered to the United States, which is 21 percent more than in 2020 and almost at the level of 2019.

Given that Tesla is a premium manufacturer in the United States, the company came in second with 313,400 cars sold on American soil.

The third place was taken by the Japanese “Lexus”, with 304,475 cars delivered, and the fourth place is “Mercedes” with 276,102 vehicles sold.

Audi is fifth with 196,038 vehicles delivered.

“BMW 3” with the title of the most popular premium manufacturer was crowned worldwide.

The Bavarians managed to sell a record 2.2 million vehicles worldwide. Mercedes is second with 2.05 million deliveries, down 5 percent year on year.