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Carlisle food pantry honored for its work to feed those in need



Carlisle, Arkansas – One food pantry in Carlisle is still managing to feed those in need despite the fact that inflation is still having a significant impact on almost everything.

About 100 households, mostly elderly people, are served by Shelby’s Pantry, which is based out of Carlisle United Methodist Church. The pantry, which bears her mother-in-name, law’s is administered by Tina Hillman, who claims that donations, churchgoers, and community support keep the food supply steady.

The Arkansas Food Bank is now recognizing the pantry for its work not only in providing food for individuals but also in promoting the Farm Bill, which funds state-funded feeding programs.

“It’s very gratifying. it’s also very humbling because you don’t know the face of hunger,” Hillman said. “It could be your grandmother. It could be a seventh-grader. It could be a first grader.”

Today, when they are giving away food, the Arkansas Food Bank will formally deliver the Rhonda Sanders award.