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Despite lifeguard shortage, outdoor pools in Arkansas ready for the weekend and summer season



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – Despite the lifeguard shortage in front of the summer season, outdoor pools in Central Arkansas are ready for the first swimmers this weekend and summer season.

The pools have been closed last season due to quarantines and Covid-19 pandemic, but another great season is expected in front of us.

“Our capacity last year was 150,” aquatics manager of the Jacksonville Splash Zone Diane Novotny explained, “and this year, we’re back up to 353.”

However, many pools are having difficulties with staff, especially lifeguards. There has been drastic decrease in lifeguard applications this year compared to past years. According to Novotny, everybody is looking for lifeguards.

This season is going to be tough for the pools’ managements since everyone plan to work with full capacity, but less staff. Novotny adds that the current staff is ready and well prepared for the season. Overtime and call-ins will be expected during the summer she says.

“We have enough to get started, but if we have sickness or vacations or stuff, guess who’s lifeguarding?” Novotny said, referring to herself.

Everyone interested to work as a guard is welcome to apply and it seems like a great opportunity for some extra buck since much overtime is expected during the summer.