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Due to a hip issue, Jerry II will resign as campus ambassador at Arkansas Tech University



Russellville, Arkansas – Due to a hip issue, Jerry Charles Young II, the most recent campus representative at Arkansas Tech University, will shortly retire.

ATU representatives claimed that they had observed Jerry II having discomfort when walking on some hard surfaces.

“A subsequent trip to his veterinarian, Dr. Heath Stump of Russellville Animal Clinic, revealed that the muscle and cartilage in Jerry II’s hips simply did not form correctly around the joints as he grew over the past few months,” said Sam Strasner, ATU director of university relations.

Jerry II will live a long and healthy life, according to university authorities, but because of his illness, he has had trouble performing his obligations as a school ambassador.

Since the institution dismissed Jerry the Bulldog in September of last year, Jerry II assumed responsibility as ATU’s campus ambassador in October 2022.

ATU representatives stated that they are getting ready to choose the next Jerry Charles Young.