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Due to the current Covid-19 situation, Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church to implement changes in their Sunday’s activities



Little Rock, Arkansas – The surge of new Omicron cases in the Little Rock area is still high as the number of new cases is constantly on the rise since the start of the new year.

Taking into consideration the current Covid-19 situation, churches in the area are implementing some changes in their activities for the upcoming period.

Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church on Thursday announced some changes for the Sunday’s activities which should look a little bit different, but all in an effort to keep the attendees safe from the virus.

“In this ever-changing pandemic, we’ve been trying to remain pretty agile with it,” said director of communication, Michael McMurray. “For right now, we’re requiring masks indoors.”

In addition to their decision, the church decided to cancel the children’s Sunday school for the next two weeks. If needed, the measure will be extended depending on how the things with the pandemic will look like.

“For children who may not have had the opportunity to be vaccinated yet, we’re trying to keep them, make sure they’re not here,” McMurray said.

They’re also providing ample hand sanitizer and distancing where possible. Aside from that, McMurray says they’re also encouraging their congregation to get vaccinated, stating the majority have already done so.

“That’s not really a debatable issue for us but more so it’s about keeping each other safe, which is a real Christian principle, loving each other,” he said. “If we keep each other safe, we don’t infect each other, and in that way, we honor each other.”

For those who don’t feel safe to attend in-person service, they can follow everything on TV and on Youtube.

Since the start of the pandemic, the in-person attendance went 25% down.