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During Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, a cancer survivor discusses their experience



Little Rock, Arkansas – The month-long colorectal cancer awareness campaign is currently in full gear to raise public awareness of the importance of getting checked out and tested. An Arkansas woman is speaking up about her personal battle for survival.

Colorectal cancer has a greater than 90% chance of survival if discovered early and is one of the few cancer forms that may be prevented.

Arkansas Children’s has received funding to look into the long-term effects of cancer treatments.

In 2017, Heather Tucker was informed that she had rectal cancer, five years after experiencing her first signs. After seeing multiple doctors, she was finally evaluated and tested, only to find that she had already advanced to stage two. She adds that even though she beat cancer a year later, the aftereffects are still difficult for her.

“It changes your life drastically from what you can eat to how you live your life and I deal with many side effects,” Tucker said.

Tucker expressed her gratitude for being able to celebrate each birthday and life achievement but acknowledged that many people, like her buddy Walter, weren’t as fortunate.

“He passed away last year at the age of 42 leaving behind a loving wife, children, grandchildren and it’s too young,” Tucker said.

It’s never too early to watch out for significant changes in bowel habits, narrowing of stools, or blood in your stool, according to Tucker. Contact your doctor to be checked if you notice these changes.