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Entergy releases new logo



Little Rock, Arkansas — According to a news release, New Orleans-based Entergy Corp. revealed Monday a new corporate brand and logo that will “help communicate our aspirations as a company”. Including Arkansas, the electric utility serves customers in four states.

Entergy’s logo hasn’t changed in more than 30 years.

The logo colors “convey our innovative, customer-focused mindset,” the release shows. “It reflects the rich textures of our Gulf South home with warmth, respect, and honesty. This new visual identity seeks to empower everyone, meeting people where they are and serving as a catalyst for the future.”

The rebranding is expected to take several months to complete, and the changes will be made to outdoor signage, fleet vehicles, and bucket trucks.

“At Entergy, we’ve had the privilege of providing safe, affordable, and reliable energy that has powered millions of lives for more than a century,” said Leo Denault, chairman, and CEO for Entergy. “But we’re not resting there. We are proactively transforming our company to meet new opportunities. We’re evolving to ensure Entergy becomes a driving force for innovation and cutting-edge products and services. And we are accelerating our efforts to reduce carbon emissions, while partnering with our customers to support their own environmental goals, leading to a cleaner and better future for all our stakeholders.”