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Family in Pine Bluff affected by winter weather damage



Pine Bluff, Arkansas – Winter weather-related damage and power disruptions have affected residents throughout Arkansas.

Pine Bluff resident Doron Grisby said he didn’t expect the chilly weather to be that severe when it arrived.

“Over time, things got really bad,” Grisby said. “I’m talking about trees got to falling everywhere left and right.”

Grisby mentioned that several trees that fell on his property damaged it, including one that struck his roof and another that damaged his back patio.

It’s really incredible when things like these happen. It would cost an arm and a leg to even attempt to make a remotely respectable living if you hired a tree service to come out here.

Grisby claimed that in addition to trees falling on his land and house, he and his family have been without power for the past few days, which has forced them to pay for hotels and stay with friends.

“We contacted someone about the power and they’re saying ‘we don’t know how long it’s going to be,” Grisby said. “It’s crazy having a child and my baby been sick and in and out this weather with no lights, no heat.”

Even though the circumstance was challenging, Grisby expressed his gratitude that his family is safe and that it wasn’t worse.