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Family vacation turns into hell: Little girl dies in adventure park while driving her favorite “Free Fall” attraction



In general, amusement parks are safe places for both adults and children and someone suffering an injury while driving on any of the attractions is very rare picture. However, this family’s vacation turned into hell after a 6-year-old girl suffered fatal injuries while she was driving on her favorite attraction in the amusement park.

According to police, the incident happened last weekend on Sunday when the six-year-old Wongel died while riding the Haunted Mine Drop ride at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park during a vacation with her family.

“This is a parent’s worst nightmare and something you don’t wish on your worst enemy,” family spokesperson told ABC News on Friday.

“Their world shattered,” she added. “One moment they are in denial. The next minute they are trying to plead with God to bring her back. They are bargaining with him. They are angry.”

When the amusement park workers saw the injured girl, the immediately ran to her and initiated first aid while they were waiting for the EMS crews that were on their way to the park. Unfortunately, the girl suffered severe injuries and the paramedics pronounced her dead as soon as they arrived at the scene.

The Colorado based amusement park has been closed in the following days and re-opens this Saturday. Meanwhile, an investigation has been conducted which should reveal what led to the girl’s death. Authorities and Wongel’s parents didn’t reveal more details about the accident.

“We are deeply saddened and ask that the family and all those impacted be remembered in your thoughts and prayers,” the Park General Manager said in a statement.

“An investigation that will include state and local authorities, as well as an independent engineering and ride inspection experts and our own maintenance team, is underway,” she added.

The family revealed their tragic story to the public hoping this event will prevent future similar accidents, something that not a single parent wants to experience in their lives. “Even through her death, she’s going to make a difference,” the family friend told ABC News.

In the days following her tragic death, a GoFundMe was set up on her family’s behalf, where Wongel was remembered as “a beautiful, caring, and cheerful girl.”

“Her life was cut short in this tragic accident,” the page states. “Her parents, family and all the community [are] devastated by this tragic and sudden loss. We want all the community to stand with the family during unthinkable loss.”

The page has raised over $54,000 as of Friday.