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First ever Black female fire marshal and captain appointed by Little Rock Fire Department



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Little Rock Fire Department is contributing to the making of history in numerous ways. Fire marshal Vanessa Lowe has realized what was once only a dream.

“If it’s something you have your mindset to, just do it,” Lowe, who made Little Rock history by becoming the first Black female to hold the fire marshal position in the department said.

“It is a major deal that I made history, but to me, it’s more about me being in a position where I can work closely with members of the community,” she said.

Lowe has been a fire marshal for about two years and has worked for LRFD for seven years.

She admitted that occasionally she misses working on the department’s operations side and putting out flames.

She now investigates fires to establish their causes as the fire marshal, which is a different aspect of aiding people in her hometown.

She claims that she originally intended to become a fireman in order to aid people.

“I grew up here in Little Rock and it is very important to me to make a change in my community,” Lowe explained.

Lowe is changing not only the neighborhood but also the mindset of young black females who resemble her.

“It’s going to take hard work to accomplish any goal that you set, but if it’s something that you truly believe in and feel that it is for you, it won’t be as hard as you think it is.”

Moreover, Captain Quatecia Wilson contributed to history. She holds the post of captain for the Little Rock Fire Department for the first time among women of African American descent.