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Free non-partisan breakdown of ballot issues available for Arkansas voters



Little Rock, Arkansas – The University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service’s Public Policy Center issued its voter ballot guide for the Nov. 8 general election.

The breakdowns include exactly what happens with a “for” or “against” vote for a particular issue and where to find additional information. It also includes a verbatim of each issue as it will appear on the ballot.

Arkansas has four issues proposed for the November ballot:

• Issue 1: Giving State Senators and Representatives Authority to Call Special Legislative Sessions
• Issue 2: Requiring 60% Voter Approval for Constitutional Amendments and Citizen-Proposed State Laws
• Issue 3: Arkansas Religious Freedom Amendment
• Issue 4: Arkansas Adult Use Cannabis Amendment

Currently, Issue 4 remains under review by the Arkansas Supreme Court. It will appear on the ballot, but votes may or may not count depending upon the court’s ruling.

The guide concludes with the opportunity to take a survey on the quality of the publication.