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Groom blames new wife for having affair with his best friend while going home together right after the wedding, opens fire at both of them



Alcohol fueled dispute ends up with two people injured when the groom, while still in his tuxedo, started to blame his new wife that she cheated on him multiple times while all three of them were driving home just after the wedding.

Luckily for the victims, they only suffered non-life-threatening injuries and the groom who was reportedly drunk, was arrested and now faces multiple charges.

What should have been a celebration for the newlyweds, ended up as a violent crime case last Saturday in Louisiana.

According to police reports, everything seemed to be in place until the groom and the bride got stuck in traffic together with the groom’s male best friend while they were driving home after the wedding.

Obviously drunken, the groom started arguing his new wife that she cheated on him with his best friend who was sitting on the back seat. The situation escalated in literally minutes when the suspect threatened to kill them both and went outside to take gun from the trunk.

His wife and friend tried to escape the vehicle, but D. Jones managed to shot his once, but missed the girl striking another car in traffic.

“There is a bad accident that shut the bridge down and while the accident was being handled, someone got out of their vehicle and started approaching other vehicles and shooting innocent people sitting in their cars stuck in traffic!” witness Brian C. wrote on Facebook of the incident.

“We are currently still sitting in dead stop traffic while police are trying to locate the active shooter!!!!!! I have my .45 with me, on my lap and ready to defend myself or anyone around me if need be!”

Jones’s wife ran from the car, according to police, and took refuge in the ambulance assisting people involved with the car crash. Local deputies found Jones banging on the vehicle trying to get to her.

According to police, Jones was evidently drunk and aggressive and seemed to be threat to the public safety.

The victims were transferred to hospital with minor injuries for examination. They were discharged from hospital the next day, local media reported.

Jones was arrested for attempted murder, aggravated battery, and two counts of aggravated criminal damage to property, according to jail records.