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Haskell’s community responds after several police officers resign over funding concerns



Haskel, Arkansas – Multiple Haskell police officers resigned their positions and walked out of the first meeting of the year held by the Haskell City Council because of a dispute over money.

During the meeting, the police officers voiced their demands, which included a raise in pay, new patrol cars, and updated equipment for saving lives. Mayor Clyde Crookham, who was just appointed to the office 10 days ago, stated that he would consider it and get back to the community with his decision.

The answer to Lieutenant Jimmy Foreman’s question, which was whether or not anything would be accomplished during the meeting, was “no” from the mayor. Not long after the cops resigned from their positions.

“The city does not have an unlimited financial bank to afford the equipment,” Crookham said.

Those people who live in the city, like Suzanne Felkins, were taken aback by the walkout.

“It’s a new mayor. I don’t feel like they really even gave him a chance,” Felkins said.

The local police department announced on Facebook that they will be patrolling with their remaining three policemen because they only have three officers left. While at the same time receiving support from the county till they have enough people working there.

Sarah Bass, who works in Haskell, stated that more assistance for the officers should have been available earlier.

“I think they should have had a little bit more help in the first place. If Haskell can’t afford to help them maybe another county can afford a little bit more to help them,” Bass said.

Due to the nature of the work that she does, Bass has high hopes that the issue will be resolved quickly.

“I work at a convenience store. What’s the first place people want to hit is a convenience store,” Bass said.

She also mentioned that as a result of her efforts, she has been able to develop close relationships with some of the officers who walked, and she expressed her desire, for the issue to be resolved as quickly as possible.

“I hope that my cop friends get to come back to work,” Bass said.

Felkins is certain that the mayor will be able to handle the unexpected meeting that has been scheduled. “I think he will be stronger for it and I hope they get new police,” Felkins said.