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Hot Springs community mourns teen that died in School Street shooting



Hot Springs, Arkansas – One kid was killed and two others were injured in a shooting on Wednesday night, leaving the locals of Hot Springs in sadness.

According to officials, the gunshot happened in the 600 block of School Street around 6:17 p.m.

Although the name of the deceased adolescent has not yet been made public by the police, relatives and the Hot Springs School District have identified her as Aidyn Davis, a sophomore at the high school.

16-year-old Davis, according to Annamae Scott, was her buddy for many years.

“Long live Aidyn, long live Aidyn,” Scott said. “That was like my brother, that was like my baby brother, my best friend.”

On Wednesday, Scott claimed that while she was en route to see Scott, she heard gunfire.

“We were pulling down the street and when we were pulling we heard the shots and we pulled down the street and the police came flying behind us and we had to pull over,” said Davis.

Scott recalls her parting remarks to Davis. “I love you bro, I love you.” Scott added. “He was looking us in our eyes he couldn’t breathe.”

Davis, according to Scott, attended Hot Springs World Class High School. Dr. Stephanie Nehus, the superintendent of the Hot Springs School District, released a statement in response to Davis’s passing.

Scott hopes she could hear Davis’s chuckle once more. “He has the best smile and he was funny,” said Scott.

The arrest warrants for Marcus Conrad, 17, and Camron Young, 18, who were both involved in this incident, were issued on Friday.

According to the authorities, the two are each accused of two counts of terroristic actions, first-degree murder, aggravated robbery, first-degree violence, and evidence tampering.

Police want anyone with knowledge about this event to call Det. Fallis at 501-441-5681 as the investigation is still ongoing.