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Hot Springs hosts 18th World Championship Bathtub Races



Little Rock, Arkansas – At an earlier hour this morning, Hot Springs played host to the annual World Championship Running of the Tub bathtub races.

This morning, at nine o’clock, the races began, and they consisted of teams of people dressed in costumes pulling customized bathtubs that are mounted on wheels down Bathhouse rose.

The bathtub is stuffed with water before the start of the race. To be eligible for the competition, you need to have at least ten gallons of water remaining in your tub by the time the race is over.
Additionally, from the beginning of the race until the end of the race, each bath attendant is required to carry one of the following four items: a bar of soap, a bath mat, a loofah mitt, and a bath towel.

The prestigious Stueart Pennington Cup is awarded to the racers who come out on top of the competition.

The competition reached its 18th iteration today, marking the occasion.

According to a press release issued by Visit Hot Springs, the team representing the Hot Springs Fire Department emerged victorious in the Battle of the Badge competition that took place this year.

Among the other winners of the tournament are the following:

• Stock Tub Division: Princess Nora’s Warrior Foundation, Gym Rats tub.
• Traditional Division: Spa Pacers.
• Modified Division: Austin Weirdos from Austin, Texas.
• Most Spirited Team: Hot Springs National Park, Soap Buster tub.
• Best Overall Tub: Oaklawn Elite.
• Most Original Tub: National Park Medical Center, Mario Kart-themed tub.
• Special Awards: Lifetime Achievement Award to Alex Shirley of Visit Hot Springs for 15 years of participating in the bathtub races.
• The new Tubtastic Fan Award was presented to Sterling Dilks, aged 1, whom the judges proclaimed “the cutest baby duck you ever did see.”

“The Running of the Tubs is another of the great family-friendly celebrations that are so popular with our residents and visitors,” Visit Hot Springs Marketing Director Bill Solleder said. “The crowds lining Bathhouse Row and joining in the wacky fun by shooting Super Soakers at the racers have been growing every year as word spreads about this super free event.”


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