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How roads are prioritized when it comes to salt treatment and how to report unsafe driving conditions



Little Rock, Arkansas — Many people say they are frustrated because roads are still iced over in their neighborhoods after a major winter storm hit Arkansas Thursday

“There’s a tendency to be frustrated by a lot of folks about why not my road. Well, we would love to hit every road right away but we have to hit the roads most traveled first,” said Dave Parker, ARDOT Public Information Officer.

Parker said it also depends on where the roads are.

“You know it depends on where that neighborhood is. Some of that is city and county. Those road crews are out there just as hard-working as we are,” he said. “We don’t necessarily get into specific neighborhoods and do the residential areas. We are out on the highways and main roads. Those are left for the city and county and individual neighborhood associations and such.”

According to Parker, if you are having trouble getting across a major highway or bridge, contact the Arkansas Department of Transportation. You can do so via or by calling or texting 501-569-2374.

Contact your local city or county authority if your neighborhood is unsafe to travel