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How to keep your pets calm and safe during the July 4th fireworks



Jonesboro, Arkansas – The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and while we plan to spend time with loved ones and take in the fireworks, we also need to take into account our animal companions.

During fireworks, pets often tremble, become anxious, feel nervous, and behave in particular ways, mostly because they are afraid of the loud noises. You can take preventative measures ahead of time before Independence Day, advises Dr. Hannah Grumbling.

“If you know your dog has a noise aversion now would be a good time to schedule with your vet to get some medications that’ll help break down that anxiety. It’s also a good time to make sure your dog is microchipped,” Grumbling said.

When they hear fireworks, some pets automatically flee, so being able to keep them inside, behind a fence, or enclosed can help keep them from being lost. The most important thing, said to Amy Schmidt of the NEA Humane Society, is to make sure your dog does not run off.

“I think the main thing is not allowing to get off of your property or out of your house, scared dogs run sometimes and especially if you have friends and family coming over, people going in and out. We really have to make sure that a scared animal doesn’t bolt,” Schmidt said.

Engaging in activities that relieve stress and promote relaxation for your pets is another method to keep them safe and comfortable.

“Another thing you can do when the fireworks start, bring them into the quietest room in the house, maybe with a tv playing, so they’ve got some competing noise. And having their favorite toys in there, cuddle them up with blanket. All those things can be very helpful,” Grumbling said.

Jose Virgen, a pet owner, notes that although fireworks may appear fascinating and insignificant to humans, our pets may have different ideas.

“It’s a great time with the 4th of July, you have all of the festivities going on but that’s when we gotta show our pets the most love, they want to be comforted they don’t want to feel all scared,” Virgen said.


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