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Illegal immigrant fatally stabs young woman while she was out jogging with no apparent reason, then buries the body in the nearby cornfield, sentenced



Danger can lurk around us behind every corner, at every step, it can lurk us while we are out to party, while recreating, sporting, walking or running and we need to be especially very careful and take precautions in order to protect ourselves.

Such is the case where a young girl full of life went for a run in her hometown and never came back. Her life was sadistically ended that night by an illegal immigrant who was recently sentenced to life in prison for that crime.

The 27-year-old C. B. Rivera was found guilty of first-degree murder of the 20-year-old Mollie T. back in May 2020, and will spend his entire life in prison without the possibility of parole after the judge sentenced him a few days ago for fatally stabbing her.

Mollie was reported missing the day she did not show up at her kindergarten job by her colleagues who claimed that it is very unusual for Molly not to show up at work without announcing as she was considered a very responsible person and they feared that something bad had happened.

Allegedly she went for a run outside her hometown in Iowa the night before, and no one has heard of her since.

Hundreds of volunteers joined the law enforcement in the search for Molly, but after a long search they were still empty-handed. At the moment when they started to give up, the officers came across a security camera footage from a property that showed Molly running but also a vehicle which was repeatedly passing by her.

The owner of the vehicle, the 27-year-old Rivera, was taken to a police station for interrogation regarding the night that Molly went running. After a while, Rivera confessed that he felt attracted by Molly and approached her without intention of doing harm, and as she threatened to call the cops, he killed her, put the body in the trunk of his vehicle and buried it in a cornfield nearby.

At the trial, Rivera’s lawyers tried to change the outcome, filing a request for new trial on behalf of Rivera saying that their client recently told them that Molly was killed by two men who abducted and threatened him with killing his family if he does not help them get rid of the body.

Rivera’s lawyers even tried to cast suspicion on Molly’s boyfriend and a local police officer who lives near the place where Molly was buried.

The judge denied the request for new trial and Rivera was sentenced to life in prison with unanimous vote of the jury as they considered Rivera’s latest statements a product of his imagination.